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January 20, 2015

Is copy protection necessary for your website?

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Is copy protection required for an web site?

Is copy protection required for an web site?

Creating high quality content for an website is not an easy task. You may need to spend thousands of dollars in hiring professional writers having knowledge in your niche to get unique original contents for your web pages. This cost sometimes may surpass the cost of web development. Particularly if you use some ready-made CMS like WordPress or Joomla, then web development fee will be low compared to content creation cost.
So this is very normal that when someone copy contents from your website and put those on their own webpage or blog then you will feel aggrieved and helpless. One way to solve this problem is that you can use some Java script codes in your web pages so that people can’t copy your contents from your website and can’t see your page source codes. Copy protection plug in is available for WordPress for free of cost.
But is it necessity or useful? Let’s consider few points:
1) Anyone can still copy all text from a protected webpage in many ways like:

  • Simply by disabling JavaScript of the browser.
  • Using a text only browser e.g. Lynx.
  • Using a browser like Opera Mini on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Using “View Source” or similar options of browser. Popular browsers like Firefox‚ Chrome have such options available.

2) If anyone copies your text and puts those on his webpage then actually he is on your foot. Simply‚ claim a copyright violation with Google and Google will not only de-index that particular page but ranking of all the pages will be negatively affected as a result of such copyright violation. So only a novice person will ever think of copying contents from your website and only to harm his own website.
So it seems the available copy protection scripts are not effective, useful or necessary. Furthermore, there are some drawbacks as discussed below:

  • When a visitor wants to share your page on Twitter, Facebook or social networks, he/she normally copy few lines from your webpage (and then may edit slightly) to describe the page to his/her friends/followers. So if copy protection is present the normal visitors can’t copy from your page and thus will be discouraged to share your web pages on social networks. Hence you are loosing some potential backlinks as well as some free traffic from the social sites.
  • The copy protection script will delay page load. So the visitors may get disappointed when they need to wait long time to load a page. Also such delay may affect your search engine ranking (SERP) negatively since page load time is a factor considered by Google and other search engines while ranking the pages.

So I think there is no need at all to use copy protect mechanism to protect text and images of an website.  What is your opinion?

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June 30, 2014

Segmenting your online marketplace

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Market segmentation is a very important part of marketing plan. This is particularly vital for small businesses since a small business never can target to reach all the market segments with its limited resources. With proper and wise segmenting, an organisation can concentrate its marketing activities on few target segments. Some bulk marketing techniques operate without segmenting the market. For example bulk email marketing sometimes operate without any market segmentation. But segmentation is considered as pivotal in modern marketing concepts.

Following are some reasons why an online marketing campaign needs to segment the online market:

  1. To increase ROI of marketing campaign.
  2. To increase sales.
  3. To reduce cost of marketing campaign.
  4. To avoid spamming.  Non-targeted marketing activities are sometimes termed as spamming.
  5. To increase customer loyalty.

Following variables are widely used for segmentation:

  • Demographic factors like income, age, education, gender
  • Geographical factors like city, rural, country, zip etc.
  • Life style
  • Buying pattern
  • Psychological factors
  • Social factors like social values, social status etc.

The most common segmentation technique is to use a combination of suitable demographic and geographic factors. The online marketplace can also be segmented using above factors. Most of the PPC advertising platforms like AdWords, Facebook allows to segment the market based on geographic and demographic factors.  Using other segmentation variable to segment the online marketplace may be a little bit difficult and tricky although not impossible. For example, e-Commerce sites can easily do segmentation based on buying pattern. eCommerce sites keep record of buying history of each customer. Analyzing those records an e-commerce website may give special offers to frequent buyers or large volume buyers.

Segmentation is required for designing proper marketing mix. Different marketing mix may be required for each target segment. For examples,  LinkedIn may be the best medium to reach the professionals, Pinterest may be the best medium to reach fashion conscious women and local classifieds website may be the best medium to target a small area of a city. So segmentation should be integral part of an online marketing planning.


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November 18, 2012

Different methods of internet marketing

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Internet is booming day by day and the volume of online market is also growing rapidly. The smart phones and portable devices have helped quick inundation of shopping through internet. There are many methods of internet marketing. Following are some popular methods of online advertising:

  1. Email marketing: This early form of e-marketing is still popular and effective.
  2. Pay-per-click: It’s a very effective method but sometimes so costly. You pay only when a visitor click on your ad to reach your website. So getting visitors is guaranteed as per your expenditure. Click fraud is a big problem in this model.
  3. Affiliate marketing: Hire some affiliates directly or through a affiliate website. So you pay your affiliates only when they can brings you a sale or a qualified lead.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get first page ranking for some of your target keywords and get visitors for free.  If ranking can be achieved then this produces the best results although achieving 1st page ranking is uncertain and ranking can be lost anytime.
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM): Be engaged on popular social networking sites and make your audience involved discussing about your brand. Facebook fan page is the best example of SMM.
  6. Classified advertising: Post ads regularly on online classified websites on your target locations. These classified sites are normally free. This is a good option for any start-up with a small budget.
  7. Content advertising: Distributing good quality contents through different channels on regular basis is known as content advertising. Press release distribution, article submission, blog posting, forum posting etc consist content marketing.
  8. Pay per View: In this case you pay for each display of your banner or text on your target websites.

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June 6, 2009

Few Terminology relating to classified ad postings

Classifieds: Classifieds are short notices placed under headings classifying the product or service being offered without it’s own heading usually for offered services, business listings, items for sale, or ‘wanted’ ads. There are generally no pictures or other graphics within the advertisement of a newspaper, although sometimes a logo may be used. But online classified ads may contain image, audio and even video. Video classifieds are new trend of online classifieds.

Title:  Title is the Heading  of an ad. This is very important. The visitors normally see only this title on the listing page. Recommended maximum length of title is 70 characters.

Description : Description means Body of an ad. This is details of your offer. Here you should describe your product or service clearly. But don’t use too long description. Use HTML and image where possible.

Campaign: Campaign means an whole advertising plan. A campaign may consists of multiple ads posted on multiple classified sites and locations. The purpose of a campaign is to promote one or several related products or services.

Live ad:  A classified posting which is available to the visitors of that particular site is termed as a Live Ad or Live Posting.

Flagged ad: An objectionable ad posting which is removed from the site as it was flagged as spam or otherwise objectionabale by some visitors. Over posting flames flagging. So avoid over posting.

Ghosted ad: Some sites like craigslist, backpage, kijiji, gumtree removes some postings without notifying the ad poster. This is popularly known as ad ghosting. This is normally done by some kind of software automatically. This doesn’t require flagging by visitor. A post even may not appear on the site at all. Posting with non-local IP is a major reason of ghosting.

PVA: This term relates to craigslist posting.  To post under service categories of USA or Canada craigslist an account verified with a phone number is required. Such account is called PVA i.e Phone Verified Account.

IP Address: Each computer is identified with an IP Address. The free classifieds sites use this IP address to prevent excessive posting by the same poster. Location may be determined from IP address. Most of the popular sites use this information to prevent posting by foreigners.

URL Cloacking: Hiding a long URL with a short redirect URL is called URL claocking. This is required if you are trying to promote your affiliate products on online free calssified websites.  Free URL shortening services may be used for this purpose.

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May 5, 2009

Popular Free Classifieds of Australia

Sometimes my clients who are willing to market their products or services in Australian market ask me what free classifieds sites of Australia are popular and will be profitable to advertise. So I have compiled a list of popular online free classifieds of Australia.

  • Gumtree Australia  is the most populasr local free classifieds of Australia. Current Alexa rank is 4,576 and Rank amoung Australian sites is 57.  Popular cities of Australian Gumtree are,,,, 
  • is the second most popular free classified website in Australia.  Current Alexa rank is 28,973 and Rank amoung Australian sites is 748.  Popular cities of Australian Craigslist are,,,, 
  •  is another free classifieds for Australia. Place an Advert on cracker now
  •  Australia Free Classifieds. Post your FREE Ad on Adoos.
  •  Browsing, searching and posting classified ads on Locanto Australia is fast, simple and free. Posted ads will be live for 60 days,  pictures may be used and on Locanto you can even add a clickable hyperlink url to your website.
  • Also popular in India and Saudi Arabia.  Post a Free Classified ad at this Australian classifieds website for FREE! No sign up. No email confirmation. Your ad goes online immediately.
  • Kugli is getting popularity in Australia too. Kugli is already popular in India and Pakistan.
  •  Australia free Classifieds for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & across Australia.  Post a Free Ad with video.
  • Australian free advertising portal.  Register for free!
  • Oz Free Classifieds Online is the largest free Australian advert posting site. Place your classified ads, items for sale, wanted to buy sell trade online. Get free classified ads listed in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland and other cities in Australia. OZ free Online has Auction section as well.
  •  Place FREE classifieds ads on dclassifieds  which will be seen by hundred of thousands of australian internet shoppers.  Place Your Ad on dcclassifieds
  • Your free local classifieds ads in Australia.   register on annonz  for free advert today!
  •  online version of Quokka Free Ad Paper. Quokka was founded by Erik and his wife Elizabeth. It is published every Thursday.
  • Other sites are following:

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April 21, 2009

Sponsor Ads of Backpage

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What is Sponsor Ads?
Sponsor ad is a paid option of backpage posting where you can post the same ad on multiple citis (even all the backpage cities) at once with a certain fee. This will save your time a lot to post the ads on each individual city.

Why Sponsor Ads?
Paid Sponsor ads of Backapge get the most visible placement at the top and/or right hand side of every single page in a particular category. Sponsor Ads are ideal for employers with positions in multiple cities, or anybody looking to reach users nationwide or in more than one location.  This premium placement greatly increases the response!

The pricing of backpage sponsor ads varies city to city and category to categoory based on demand. A limited number of sponsor ads are allowed per category. They are available on a first-come, first serve basis and can be scheduled for up to 52 weeks. Sponsor ads are randomized frequently with each other to give equal access to the top of the page. Your sponsor ad will appear with thumbnails when it appears on the right. When your ad appears in the top two positions, it will not have thumbnails.

Limit: Only two ads per user per category.

Sponsor ads deliver better results, increase visitors to your web site. Sponsor ads can not be removed by the community, allow full use of html, and are targeted by category with high conversion rates.

Try Sponsor ads of backpage now.  This is very effective for “home business” or “business opportunity” type of ads although works nice for various physical products too.  Sponsor ads on backapge is the best solution for you if your ads are flagged so frequently on craigslist or you can’t post succesfully on craigslsit.

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April 1, 2009

Marketing during the economic recession

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The ever worst economic recession is affecting economic life of all of us. Now we need to struggle more to survive in this recession hit competitive market. So we must seek all options to save every Penny. This is true for our marketing plan as well. Particularly small businesses must cut off their budget for advertising campaign for the shake of their existence. 

There is no alternate of online marketing during this economic recession period. Because online marketing is cheaper than traditional offline marketing methods and not affected by economic recession. There are a lot of methods available for online marketing like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Advertising on Free Online Classifieds, Sponsor ads on online newsletters, marketing on online social media (this involves promoting your products on online forums, social networks, bookmarking sites etc), email marketing and finally SEO etc. Not all methods are suitable for every product or service. You need to test which methods will best fit for your products or services. 

I am providing online marketing solutions for small businesses for long time. I provide manual online marketing and don’t use any software. I have a team of hard working crews. Visit my manual online marketing service website to learn more about my services.

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March 3, 2009

Free Video Classifieds

Free video sharing sites like YouTube are catching a lot of attention of people. At the same time free classified advertising sites like craigslist are also gaining popularity. The purpose of video sharing sites are mostly entertainment and learning while the purpose of free classified sites is advertising. Some people try to use YouTube for advertising their product. The trend of using the video sharing sites for business advertising is increasing. Keeping this in mind, some sites have combined the two model where you can upload video and at the same time advertise your product. Which means now you can advertise your vehicle to sell and at the same time you can show performance and condition of your car uploading video.  As more and more bandwidth are being available, such free video classifieds will gain popularity day by day.

Following is a list of Free Video Classifieds I have found so far:

  •   Popular in India, United States, Australia, Canada and Philippines. has a Alexa rank of 65,355. So it’s quite popular.
  •  –  It’s a new site. Getting popularity in the United States and Puerto Rico
  •  This free video classifieds is being popular in the USA and Thailand.
  •  Popular in the United States, India, United Kingdom, France and the Philippines

Most of free video classified sites are new. But they are gaining attention and popularity day by day. Hopefully, a lot of new free video classifeds will appear soon.

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February 22, 2009

Reduced work on Saturday and Sunday

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From now, my crews will enjoy holiday on Saturday and Sunday by rotation. So there may be no posting or reduced amount of postings for your project either on Saturday or Sunday occasionally.

We shall essentially still work 7 days every week. But being human being we also need to enjoy some holidays. Every week a few of us will enjoy holiday while most of us will still work. So we have to reduce ad posting for some projects on each weekend. Occasionally some projects may be stopped on weekends.

Please bear with us. In past three years, I tried to render my online marketing and other services uninterrupted. But as my team is growing, it’s now becoming difficult to manage to work in full speed 7 days every week. I belive this will not be a big issue at all.

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February 9, 2009

Free marketing tools

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Internet is now full of useful free resources. Just you need to find out the appropriate tools that meet your needs. A lot of free marketing tools are available on the net as well. I want to mention a few here which I use frequently:

  1. : the most popular free advertising location on the planet. The site is almost free except job categories of few cities and real estate by broker in new york. You can sell everything here including your old unused staff to cars, software, tickets etc.
  2. Can give you tons of free traffic. If you can reach front page of digg then most probably your webserver will crash!
  3. the most popular free article directory. A great source of traffic and relevant one-way backlink for SEO.
  4. FireFox : this completely free browser opens the door to use thousands of free useful add-ons. FireFox is much more secure and speedy than Internet Explorer.
  5. Google Analytics: know your visitors. Maximize your revenue with this free traffic analysis tool.
  6. twitter is the only popular micro-blogging platform. It’s very useful to keep people updated with your latest status.  Follow me on twitter.
  7. blog for free and get traffic and SEO benefit. WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform.
  8. Dot TK: Dot Tk gives free domain name. This is very useful for affiliate marketers to hide affiliate links.
  9. I don’t  try this due to my relatively slow connection speed. But this popular video sharing site is a great marketing tool used by million of people.
  10. Connect with millions of professionals. Ask questions, be recommended by others, get projects for free. LinkedIn is the best spam free professional network. My linkedIn profile.

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