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June 6, 2009

Few Terminology relating to classified ad postings

Classifieds: Classifieds are short notices placed under headings classifying the product or service being offered without it’s own heading usually for offered services, business listings, items for sale, or ‘wanted’ ads. There are generally no pictures or other graphics within the advertisement of a newspaper, although sometimes a logo may be used. But online classified ads may contain image, audio and even video. Video classifieds are new trend of online classifieds.

Title:  Title is the Heading  of an ad. This is very important. The visitors normally see only this title on the listing page. Recommended maximum length of title is 70 characters.

Description : Description means Body of an ad. This is details of your offer. Here you should describe your product or service clearly. But don’t use too long description. Use HTML and image where possible.

Campaign: Campaign means an whole advertising plan. A campaign may consists of multiple ads posted on multiple classified sites and locations. The purpose of a campaign is to promote one or several related products or services.

Live ad:  A classified posting which is available to the visitors of that particular site is termed as a Live Ad or Live Posting.

Flagged ad: An objectionable ad posting which is removed from the site as it was flagged as spam or otherwise objectionabale by some visitors. Over posting flames flagging. So avoid over posting.

Ghosted ad: Some sites like craigslist, backpage, kijiji, gumtree removes some postings without notifying the ad poster. This is popularly known as ad ghosting. This is normally done by some kind of software automatically. This doesn’t require flagging by visitor. A post even may not appear on the site at all. Posting with non-local IP is a major reason of ghosting.

PVA: This term relates to craigslist posting.  To post under service categories of USA or Canada craigslist an account verified with a phone number is required. Such account is called PVA i.e Phone Verified Account.

IP Address: Each computer is identified with an IP Address. The free classifieds sites use this IP address to prevent excessive posting by the same poster. Location may be determined from IP address. Most of the popular sites use this information to prevent posting by foreigners.

URL Cloacking: Hiding a long URL with a short redirect URL is called URL claocking. This is required if you are trying to promote your affiliate products on online free calssified websites.  Free URL shortening services may be used for this purpose.

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May 5, 2009

Popular Free Classifieds of Australia

Sometimes my clients who are willing to market their products or services in Australian market ask me what free classifieds sites of Australia are popular and will be profitable to advertise. So I have compiled a list of popular online free classifieds of Australia.

  • Gumtree Australia  is the most populasr local free classifieds of Australia. Current Alexa rank is 4,576 and Rank amoung Australian sites is 57.  Popular cities of Australian Gumtree are,,,, 
  • is the second most popular free classified website in Australia.  Current Alexa rank is 28,973 and Rank amoung Australian sites is 748.  Popular cities of Australian Craigslist are,,,, 
  •  is another free classifieds for Australia. Place an Advert on cracker now
  •  Australia Free Classifieds. Post your FREE Ad on Adoos.
  •  Browsing, searching and posting classified ads on Locanto Australia is fast, simple and free. Posted ads will be live for 60 days,  pictures may be used and on Locanto you can even add a clickable hyperlink url to your website.
  • Also popular in India and Saudi Arabia.  Post a Free Classified ad at this Australian classifieds website for FREE! No sign up. No email confirmation. Your ad goes online immediately.
  • Kugli is getting popularity in Australia too. Kugli is already popular in India and Pakistan.
  •  Australia free Classifieds for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & across Australia.  Post a Free Ad with video.
  • Australian free advertising portal.  Register for free!
  • Oz Free Classifieds Online is the largest free Australian advert posting site. Place your classified ads, items for sale, wanted to buy sell trade online. Get free classified ads listed in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Queensland and other cities in Australia. OZ free Online has Auction section as well.
  •  Place FREE classifieds ads on dclassifieds  which will be seen by hundred of thousands of australian internet shoppers.  Place Your Ad on dcclassifieds
  • Your free local classifieds ads in Australia.   register on annonz  for free advert today!
  •  online version of Quokka Free Ad Paper. Quokka was founded by Erik and his wife Elizabeth. It is published every Thursday.
  • Other sites are following:

Popularity: 58% [?]

March 3, 2009

Free Video Classifieds

Free video sharing sites like YouTube are catching a lot of attention of people. At the same time free classified advertising sites like craigslist are also gaining popularity. The purpose of video sharing sites are mostly entertainment and learning while the purpose of free classified sites is advertising. Some people try to use YouTube for advertising their product. The trend of using the video sharing sites for business advertising is increasing. Keeping this in mind, some sites have combined the two model where you can upload video and at the same time advertise your product. Which means now you can advertise your vehicle to sell and at the same time you can show performance and condition of your car uploading video.  As more and more bandwidth are being available, such free video classifieds will gain popularity day by day.

Following is a list of Free Video Classifieds I have found so far:

  •   Popular in India, United States, Australia, Canada and Philippines. has a Alexa rank of 65,355. So it’s quite popular.
  •  –  It’s a new site. Getting popularity in the United States and Puerto Rico
  •  This free video classifieds is being popular in the USA and Thailand.
  •  Popular in the United States, India, United Kingdom, France and the Philippines

Most of free video classified sites are new. But they are gaining attention and popularity day by day. Hopefully, a lot of new free video classifeds will appear soon.

Popularity: 11% [?]

November 25, 2008

Country wise list of popular online free classifieds

craigslist and kijiji are two most popular network of online free classifieds worldwide. Other popular free classifieds networks are gumtree, olx, kugli, locanto, franglo etc. backpage is very popular in the USA but backpage doesn’t has network outside USA except a few sites in Canada

Following is a country-wise list of popular online free classifieds:

  • USA:,, .  More free calssifieds of USA.
  • Canada:,, Classifieds.Ca . More Canadian free classifieds.
  • UK:,,, More free classifieds on UK.
  • Australia classifieds:,,
  • India classified ad posting:,,,,,,
  • Japan classified advertising:,
  • Spain local classified websites:,,
  • New Zeland classified websites:,
  • Singapore free online classified sites:,,
  • Italy classified advertising:,,
  • French local classifieds:,,
  • Germany classifieds:,
  • South Africa classified sites:,,
  • China online classifieds :,,
  • Philippines free classifieds:,
  • Russia :,
  • Poland :
  • Hong Kong:,
  • Thailand:
  • The Netherlands:,
  • Mexico:,,
  • Brazil:,,
  • Argentina:,
  • Switzerland :,,
  • Belgium:
  • Austria:
  • Czech Republic:
  • Slovakia:
  • Hungary:
  • Ukraine:
  • Turkey:,
  • Taiwan:,

Feel free to share popular free classifieds of other countries here.

Popularity: 86% [?]

October 14, 2008

Craigslist like sites for Canada

Like in USA, is also very much popular in Canada. Craigslist has implemented phone verification for Canadian cities too. So it’s time to seek other sites like craigslist for Canada. Following are some popular online free classifieds sites of Canada I frequently use:


  1. : In Canada Kijiji is as popular as craigslist. In some cities kijiji is even more popular than craigslist. Kijiji has many more Canadian cities on it’s list than
  2. : Although very popular in USA, backpage has only a few Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  3. Red Leaf Ads: New but nice free ad site. Try it.
  5. Tradepoint : Tradepoint is Canada’s free online classifieds network for used autos, cars, used trucks, boats, computers, Canadian real estate, antiques, furniture, electronics and much more.
  6. Oodle free classifieds : free classified site as well as free classified search engine.
  8. Classifieds.Ca a premiere free classifieds ad network of Canada
  9. Adoos Canada
  10. Canadian Online Local Classifieds Service
  11. BuyAndSell.Canada – Canada’s National Free Classified Ad Network.
  12. – Free Ads – Canada Free Classifieds
  13. OLX Canada
  16. Canada’s bargain city
  17. Kugli local classifieds
  18. Hoobly free local online classified site.
  19. Locanto Free Canadian Classified Ads.
  20. Post an AD is a FREE Online Classifieds Website for Canada.

Popularity: 100% [?]

October 5, 2008

Make money from classified sites

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classified sites are the largest free advertising venues on the internet. Millions of people are doing trade on local classified sites. These are free both for the buyers and the sellers. There are a lot of ways to make money from the classified sites. Some people browse classified sites to spend their leisure time, some people to find out home business opportunity, some other to find out their soul-mates. You can make money from these floks if you can advertise properly on these online classified websites. [ad#300×250]

Following are some ideas for making money from classified websites:

  1. Sell your old un-used household items like old furniture, dress, toys etc.
  2. Advertise your affiliate products.
  3. Advertise your service on relevant sections to get some more clients.
  4. Collect emails from various classified sites and email people offering your service. Be aware of spamming.
  5. Post ads for other people. Classified posting service has good market demand.
  6. Write eBooks and sell on the classified sites. You can write eBooks on a lot of subject like Photoshop tutorial, how to make money online, affiliate marketing, credit repair etc.  Quality eBooks are sold well on classified sites.
  7. Some people use the classified sites for list building too.

Popularity: 100% [?]

July 18, 2008

Free classifieds : future of internet marketing

Available methods of advertising on the internet:

  • Pay per click advertising like google’s AdWords
  • Buying text and Banner advertising on other sites
  • Email advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Advertising on free online classifieds
  • Sponsoring news letter
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sponsor listing on SERP, directories, yellow pages etc.

Advertising on free online classifieds is getting popularity very rapidly. Online free classified sites are catching good numbers of visitors. So advertisers are showing more attention to advertise on free online classifieds. Since advertising on those sites are mostly free and yet giving good number of targeted traffic, there is strong competition among the advertisers to post ads on popular free online classifieds websites. is the most popular free classifieds site and pioneer in the field of free online advertising. Competition of advertising on is so high that some categories of the big cities like New York or San Francisco get thousands of ads. craigslist authority try hard and fast to reduce number of ads posted to acceptable limit. Phone verification is the latest attempt by craigslist to reduce number of postings.

The main reason free classified advertising is getting popularity is that posting ads on them are mostly free although some of those sites have featured listing option and these free classifieds produces quick and geographically targeted traffic. I guess in the future more and more advertiser will give more importance on advertising on free classifieds instead of expensive PPC advertising.

Every month, a lot of local free classifieds and specialized free classifieds are coming into scene. For example:

These sites will play vital role in the internet marketing field in the future.

Popularity: 3% [?]

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