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June 30, 2014

Segmenting your online marketplace

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Market segmentation is a very important part of marketing plan. This is particularly vital for small businesses since a small business never can target to reach all the market segments with its limited resources. With proper and wise segmenting, an organisation can concentrate its marketing activities on few target segments. Some bulk marketing techniques operate without segmenting the market. For example bulk email marketing sometimes operate without any market segmentation. But segmentation is considered as pivotal in modern marketing concepts.

Following are some reasons why an online marketing campaign needs to segment the online market:

  1. To increase ROI of marketing campaign.
  2. To increase sales.
  3. To reduce cost of marketing campaign.
  4. To avoid spamming.  Non-targeted marketing activities are sometimes termed as spamming.
  5. To increase customer loyalty.

Following variables are widely used for segmentation:

  • Demographic factors like income, age, education, gender
  • Geographical factors like city, rural, country, zip etc.
  • Life style
  • Buying pattern
  • Psychological factors
  • Social factors like social values, social status etc.

The most common segmentation technique is to use a combination of suitable demographic and geographic factors. The online marketplace can also be segmented using above factors. Most of the PPC advertising platforms like AdWords, Facebook allows to segment the market based on geographic and demographic factors.  Using other segmentation variable to segment the online marketplace may be a little bit difficult and tricky although not impossible. For example, e-Commerce sites can easily do segmentation based on buying pattern. eCommerce sites keep record of buying history of each customer. Analyzing those records an e-commerce website may give special offers to frequent buyers or large volume buyers.

Segmentation is required for designing proper marketing mix. Different marketing mix may be required for each target segment. For examples,  LinkedIn may be the best medium to reach the professionals, Pinterest may be the best medium to reach fashion conscious women and local classifieds website may be the best medium to target a small area of a city. So segmentation should be integral part of an online marketing planning.


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November 18, 2012

Different methods of internet marketing

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Internet is booming day by day and the volume of online market is also growing rapidly. The smart phones and portable devices have helped quick inundation of shopping through internet. There are many methods of internet marketing. Following are some popular methods of online advertising:

  1. Email marketing: This early form of e-marketing is still popular and effective.
  2. Pay-per-click: It’s a very effective method but sometimes so costly. You pay only when a visitor click on your ad to reach your website. So getting visitors is guaranteed as per your expenditure. Click fraud is a big problem in this model.
  3. Affiliate marketing: Hire some affiliates directly or through a affiliate website. So you pay your affiliates only when they can brings you a sale or a qualified lead.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get first page ranking for some of your target keywords and get visitors for free.  If ranking can be achieved then this produces the best results although achieving 1st page ranking is uncertain and ranking can be lost anytime.
  5. Social Media Marketing (SMM): Be engaged on popular social networking sites and make your audience involved discussing about your brand. Facebook fan page is the best example of SMM.
  6. Classified advertising: Post ads regularly on online classified websites on your target locations. These classified sites are normally free. This is a good option for any start-up with a small budget.
  7. Content advertising: Distributing good quality contents through different channels on regular basis is known as content advertising. Press release distribution, article submission, blog posting, forum posting etc consist content marketing.
  8. Pay per View: In this case you pay for each display of your banner or text on your target websites.

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April 1, 2009

Marketing during the economic recession

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The ever worst economic recession is affecting economic life of all of us. Now we need to struggle more to survive in this recession hit competitive market. So we must seek all options to save every Penny. This is true for our marketing plan as well. Particularly small businesses must cut off their budget for advertising campaign for the shake of their existence. 

There is no alternate of online marketing during this economic recession period. Because online marketing is cheaper than traditional offline marketing methods and not affected by economic recession. There are a lot of methods available for online marketing like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Advertising on Free Online Classifieds, Sponsor ads on online newsletters, marketing on online social media (this involves promoting your products on online forums, social networks, bookmarking sites etc), email marketing and finally SEO etc. Not all methods are suitable for every product or service. You need to test which methods will best fit for your products or services. 

I am providing online marketing solutions for small businesses for long time. I provide manual online marketing and don’t use any software. I have a team of hard working crews. Visit my manual online marketing service website to learn more about my services.

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January 21, 2009

Using as a marketing tool

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I am using twitter for a while. My profile is . Feel free to follow me. I have seen a lot of articles using twitter as a marketing tool. I didn’t try seriously yet in that way. is within 400 most popular sites on the net and getting much more visitors day by day. It’s expected that twitter may be used for marketing your service or product. The import part of twitter marketing is to get targetted followers. The more followers you have the more powerful you are on twitter.

The concept of the twitter is “What are you doing?” But it has gone far away from this. People now use twitter to post some tips, asking for suggestions, sharing ideas, news and so on.

Following are some tips I have found on the net to get maximum visitors from twitter:

1. Share Some Interesting Things happening in Your Life. Post at least one twit dail. The more you twit the more followers you will get. But don’t try to send hundreds of twits daily. You may get banned.

2. Search for people your niche area and follow them. Don’t follow too many people suddenly. You may get banned for blindly following others.

3. Join Professional and Social Networking Sites Put link to your twitter page and request others to follow you.

4. Ask for help or direction to your twitter friends in an area where you need clarification – people wants to show their expertise and knowledge to others.

5. Don’t just post tweets, get involved with conversations – The more involved you are, the more friends that you will establish.

6. Follow back your followers unless he is a spammer.

7. Post some useful tips for your niche on regular basis. People who are looking for some tips or ideas for your niche will follow you.

Follow me on twitter.

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January 2, 2009

Three successful years of freelancing

I have successfully completed three years as a freelancer. I started on I won the first project on on 10/5/2005 at 20:26 EST.

I started with a veiw to get programming jobs as I know Visual C++ and some other programming languages. Eventually I have switched to internet marketing. Now I no longer offer programming as I can’t manage time for programming. At present I am offering online advertising, search engine optimisation and data entry services.

Although I started on ScraiptLance, now-a-days I get projects from various sources and I no longer participate in bidding on ScrptLance.

Craigslist ad posting service is the single most service which brings me a lot of fortune. I am trying to expand my services by offering new services day-by-day.

By this time my team has also grown. Initially I started alone. Then only a few guys started to work with me. Now about 10 guys work with me. I am considering to expand my team further.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to my valued clients who used my services. A lot of thanks to all who provided me valuable information and suggestions time to time.

I hope more young guys from Bangladesh will start working as a freelancer like me and earn some foreign currency for the country.

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November 25, 2008

Country wise list of popular online free classifieds

craigslist and kijiji are two most popular network of online free classifieds worldwide. Other popular free classifieds networks are gumtree, olx, kugli, locanto, franglo etc. backpage is very popular in the USA but backpage doesn’t has network outside USA except a few sites in Canada

Following is a country-wise list of popular online free classifieds:

  • USA:,, .  More free calssifieds of USA.
  • Canada:,, Classifieds.Ca . More Canadian free classifieds.
  • UK:,,, More free classifieds on UK.
  • Australia classifieds:,,
  • India classified ad posting:,,,,,,
  • Japan classified advertising:,
  • Spain local classified websites:,,
  • New Zeland classified websites:,
  • Singapore free online classified sites:,,
  • Italy classified advertising:,,
  • French local classifieds:,,
  • Germany classifieds:,
  • South Africa classified sites:,,
  • China online classifieds :,,
  • Philippines free classifieds:,
  • Russia :,
  • Poland :
  • Hong Kong:,
  • Thailand:
  • The Netherlands:,
  • Mexico:,,
  • Brazil:,,
  • Argentina:,
  • Switzerland :,,
  • Belgium:
  • Austria:
  • Czech Republic:
  • Slovakia:
  • Hungary:
  • Ukraine:
  • Turkey:,
  • Taiwan:,

Feel free to share popular free classifieds of other countries here.

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November 6, 2008

#1 on Google’s SERP

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google search results for "ad posting service"

google search results for

Wow! I am #1 on google’s search results page for the search phrase “ad posting service“. It’s a great achievement. Click on the image at left to see actual search results on google.


Content is the king. No fancy design is required for SEO. Don’t bother for PR. Only a few backlinks form related sites are enough for reaching first position on SERP. I didn’t use any graphics on my site except my own photo. My site is also on google’s first or second page for some craigslist and free classifieds related search terms. I am lucky to get most of my visitors form search engines. And most importantly, conversion rate for the traffic from search engines (particularly google) is very high as compared to traffic from other sources.
So try to put related quality contents on your site and get some quality backlinks. Reaching google’s first page is not tough unless you are competing for some highly valued terms.

I am not offering full SEO service yet although I am learning SEO basics and offering link building service. Now I am confident that I can offer SEO service professionally. I was doing SEO for my client’s site on experimental basis for last few months. It’s now on google’s first page for “used engines” (without quote marks).  I am preparing myself to offer SEO service very soon.

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October 14, 2008

Craigslist like sites for Canada

Like in USA, is also very much popular in Canada. Craigslist has implemented phone verification for Canadian cities too. So it’s time to seek other sites like craigslist for Canada. Following are some popular online free classifieds sites of Canada I frequently use:


  1. : In Canada Kijiji is as popular as craigslist. In some cities kijiji is even more popular than craigslist. Kijiji has many more Canadian cities on it’s list than
  2. : Although very popular in USA, backpage has only a few Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal
  3. Red Leaf Ads: New but nice free ad site. Try it.
  5. Tradepoint : Tradepoint is Canada’s free online classifieds network for used autos, cars, used trucks, boats, computers, Canadian real estate, antiques, furniture, electronics and much more.
  6. Oodle free classifieds : free classified site as well as free classified search engine.
  8. Classifieds.Ca a premiere free classifieds ad network of Canada
  9. Adoos Canada
  10. Canadian Online Local Classifieds Service
  11. BuyAndSell.Canada – Canada’s National Free Classified Ad Network.
  12. – Free Ads – Canada Free Classifieds
  13. OLX Canada
  16. Canada’s bargain city
  17. Kugli local classifieds
  18. Hoobly free local online classified site.
  19. Locanto Free Canadian Classified Ads.
  20. Post an AD is a FREE Online Classifieds Website for Canada.

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October 5, 2008

Make money from classified sites

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classified sites are the largest free advertising venues on the internet. Millions of people are doing trade on local classified sites. These are free both for the buyers and the sellers. There are a lot of ways to make money from the classified sites. Some people browse classified sites to spend their leisure time, some people to find out home business opportunity, some other to find out their soul-mates. You can make money from these floks if you can advertise properly on these online classified websites. [ad#300×250]

Following are some ideas for making money from classified websites:

  1. Sell your old un-used household items like old furniture, dress, toys etc.
  2. Advertise your affiliate products.
  3. Advertise your service on relevant sections to get some more clients.
  4. Collect emails from various classified sites and email people offering your service. Be aware of spamming.
  5. Post ads for other people. Classified posting service has good market demand.
  6. Write eBooks and sell on the classified sites. You can write eBooks on a lot of subject like Photoshop tutorial, how to make money online, affiliate marketing, credit repair etc.  Quality eBooks are sold well on classified sites.
  7. Some people use the classified sites for list building too.

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September 16, 2008

Marketing of a new website

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Marketing of a new website is not an easy task. A lot of new websites are coming into existetance everyday. Only a few of them can catch significant amount of traffic. While quality content is a must for an website to be popular, a good website with unique quality contents may fail to catch expected amount of traffic due to lack of proper marketing strategy.

Follow are some marketing strategey which should be considered to market a new website:

  1. Advertising on free classified sites like craigslsit, backapge, kijiji etc.
  2. Exchange  links with relevant sites. Don’t exchange links with spammy sites.
  3. Bookmarking on social bookmarking sites like,, etc
  4. Blogging on free blogging sites like,
  5. Comment posting on relevant blogs
  6. Posting on forums
  7. Directory submission
  8. Offering affiliate program
  9. Advertising on local newspaper, TV, billboard and other off-line media
  10. Submitting press release
  11. Article submission
  12. Sponsoring news letter
  13. Marketing through social networking sites like, etc.
  14. Advertising on Google’s AdWord and similar other advertising network.
  15. Search Engine Optimization
  16. Publish RSS feeds and submit your RSS feeds on feed directories.
  17. Publish videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  18. Promote on Yahoo Answers
  19. Make a custom 404-error page so that you don’t miss any traffic. You can provide a link back to your main website or directly redirect to your home page.
  20. Put a “Tell a Friend” feature on your site so that anyone can easily refere other people to your site.
  21. Promote on Yahoo Groups and google groups
  22. Offer free news letter.
  23. Buy traffic
  24. Participate in traffic exchange programs
  25. Put your website address on your business cards, brochures and flyers etc.
  26. Use to send regular updates of your site.
  27. Make a lense on

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