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January 20, 2015

Is copy protection necessary for your website?

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Is copy protection required for an web site?

Is copy protection required for an web site?

Creating high quality content for an website is not an easy task. You may need to spend thousands of dollars in hiring professional writers having knowledge in your niche to get unique original contents for your web pages. This cost sometimes may surpass the cost of web development. Particularly if you use some ready-made CMS like WordPress or Joomla, then web development fee will be low compared to content creation cost.
So this is very normal that when someone copy contents from your website and put those on their own webpage or blog then you will feel aggrieved and helpless. One way to solve this problem is that you can use some Java script codes in your web pages so that people can’t copy your contents from your website and can’t see your page source codes. Copy protection plug in is available for WordPress for free of cost.
But is it necessity or useful? Let’s consider few points:
1) Anyone can still copy all text from a protected webpage in many ways like:

  • Simply by disabling JavaScript of the browser.
  • Using a text only browser e.g. Lynx.
  • Using a browser like Opera Mini on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Using “View Source” or similar options of browser. Popular browsers like Firefox‚ Chrome have such options available.

2) If anyone copies your text and puts those on his webpage then actually he is on your foot. Simply‚ claim a copyright violation with Google and Google will not only de-index that particular page but ranking of all the pages will be negatively affected as a result of such copyright violation. So only a novice person will ever think of copying contents from your website and only to harm his own website.
So it seems the available copy protection scripts are not effective, useful or necessary. Furthermore, there are some drawbacks as discussed below:

  • When a visitor wants to share your page on Twitter, Facebook or social networks, he/she normally copy few lines from your webpage (and then may edit slightly) to describe the page to his/her friends/followers. So if copy protection is present the normal visitors can’t copy from your page and thus will be discouraged to share your web pages on social networks. Hence you are loosing some potential backlinks as well as some free traffic from the social sites.
  • The copy protection script will delay page load. So the visitors may get disappointed when they need to wait long time to load a page. Also such delay may affect your search engine ranking (SERP) negatively since page load time is a factor considered by Google and other search engines while ranking the pages.

So I think there is no need at all to use copy protect mechanism to protect text and images of an website.  What is your opinion?

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December 23, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide from Google

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Google is the giant in the field of internet search. Google alone catches more traffic than all other search engines can combined. So the main target of search engine optimization is to reach first page of google’s SERP. Getting good positions on other search engines come automatically as a by-product if you can optimize your site for google. So a guide for SEO from google itself is highly valuable for SEO professionals.

Google recently released “Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide, Version 1.1”  which is published 13 November 2008. If you are new to the field of SEO then I highly recommend to download this 22-page PDF guide. It is full of useful information. This nice SEO guide is available  here.

Optimize your site for search engines. You will get a lot of business for free.

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November 6, 2008

#1 on Google’s SERP

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google search results for "ad posting service"

google search results for

Wow! I am #1 on google’s search results page for the search phrase “ad posting service“. It’s a great achievement. Click on the image at left to see actual search results on google.


Content is the king. No fancy design is required for SEO. Don’t bother for PR. Only a few backlinks form related sites are enough for reaching first position on SERP. I didn’t use any graphics on my site except my own photo. My site is also on google’s first or second page for some craigslist and free classifieds related search terms. I am lucky to get most of my visitors form search engines. And most importantly, conversion rate for the traffic from search engines (particularly google) is very high as compared to traffic from other sources.
So try to put related quality contents on your site and get some quality backlinks. Reaching google’s first page is not tough unless you are competing for some highly valued terms.

I am not offering full SEO service yet although I am learning SEO basics and offering link building service. Now I am confident that I can offer SEO service professionally. I was doing SEO for my client’s site on experimental basis for last few months. It’s now on google’s first page for “used engines” (without quote marks).  I am preparing myself to offer SEO service very soon.

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August 12, 2008

Bookmarking or Directory submission ?

Both Bookmarking and Directory submission are acceptable way of getting one-way backlinks that helps in getting high PR and better position on SERP. Several years ago directory submission was the prime source of backlinks. Now it the social bookmarking sites are playing vital role in getting backlinks. So the question arises which one is now more effective : bookmarking or directory submission? The answer of this question is undecided.

Directory submission still works nice for increasing link popularity of an website. But it has some limitations over bookmarking. Bookmarking is more versatile.  For example: if you have a blog on or you can’t submit it on most of the web directories. There are only few blog directories which may accept your free blog. Still you can easily promote your blog or blog posts on bookmarking sites. Similarly most of the directories accepts only homepage. Inner pages aren’t accepted by most of the free web directories. If you have an important inner page you can easily promote it on social bookmarking sites.

I like social bookmarking over directory submission for another reason: it is getting traffic. Free web directories rarely send traffic to the sites submitted. On the other hand popular social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleUpon can send thousands of traffic.

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July 5, 2008

Free Classifieds advertising and SEO

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I frequently face a question from my potential clients whether ad posting on free classifieds sites will help in Search Engine Optimization. Well, before answering YES or NO to this question let’s examine what happens when ads are posted on free online.

Most of the free classifieds sites including and allow hyperlink to other website in ad description. So getting one-way backlink from free classifieds advertising is quite possible. The problem is that those backlinks aren’t permanent. Each post has a certain life span ranging from 7 days to 6 months (popular sites have lower life span while new sites have longer life span for the postigns). Postings will expire after that time and the link will no longer exist. So one time posting will not be of much help in the long run. In case of continuous  posting on a weekly or monthly schedule, search engines will always see some backlinks from those sites and will index those pages. So to get benefit from free classifieds sites for SEO, continuous ad posting is required.

Some sites like allows to reposting and the URL of the original post doesn’t change upon reposting. In such cases getting almost permanent link is possible provided the ad is renewed regularly.

Another option of SEO is also available. Although it is also transient  in nature, sometimes  it is highy effective. It is possible to post an ad whose body is filled up with targeted keywords in high density. Search engines like google picks the posting pages from popular free classifieds sites like craigslist within 24 hours (even earlier). And postings on craigslist and other popular free classifieds get very high position on SERP. So it is possible to reach google first page for some specific keywords within very short time with this method. But when the ad is expired, you loose everything.
Finally, it can be summarized that ad posting on free classifieds may be helpful in SEO but primary purpose of free classified advertising is not SEO. Getting targeted traffic quickly is the main purpose of free classified advertising.

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