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June 6, 2009

Few Terminology relating to classified ad postings

Classifieds: Classifieds are short notices placed under headings classifying the product or service being offered without it’s own heading usually for offered services, business listings, items for sale, or ‘wanted’ ads. There are generally no pictures or other graphics within the advertisement of a newspaper, although sometimes a logo may be used. But online classified ads may contain image, audio and even video. Video classifieds are new trend of online classifieds.

Title:  Title is the Heading  of an ad. This is very important. The visitors normally see only this title on the listing page. Recommended maximum length of title is 70 characters.

Description : Description means Body of an ad. This is details of your offer. Here you should describe your product or service clearly. But don’t use too long description. Use HTML and image where possible.

Campaign: Campaign means an whole advertising plan. A campaign may consists of multiple ads posted on multiple classified sites and locations. The purpose of a campaign is to promote one or several related products or services.

Live ad:  A classified posting which is available to the visitors of that particular site is termed as a Live Ad or Live Posting.

Flagged ad: An objectionable ad posting which is removed from the site as it was flagged as spam or otherwise objectionabale by some visitors. Over posting flames flagging. So avoid over posting.

Ghosted ad: Some sites like craigslist, backpage, kijiji, gumtree removes some postings without notifying the ad poster. This is popularly known as ad ghosting. This is normally done by some kind of software automatically. This doesn’t require flagging by visitor. A post even may not appear on the site at all. Posting with non-local IP is a major reason of ghosting.

PVA: This term relates to craigslist posting.  To post under service categories of USA or Canada craigslist an account verified with a phone number is required. Such account is called PVA i.e Phone Verified Account.

IP Address: Each computer is identified with an IP Address. The free classifieds sites use this IP address to prevent excessive posting by the same poster. Location may be determined from IP address. Most of the popular sites use this information to prevent posting by foreigners.

URL Cloacking: Hiding a long URL with a short redirect URL is called URL claocking. This is required if you are trying to promote your affiliate products on online free calssified websites.  Free URL shortening services may be used for this purpose.

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