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April 1, 2009

Marketing during the economic recession

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The ever worst economic recession is affecting economic life of all of us. Now we need to struggle more to survive in this recession hit competitive market. So we must seek all options to save every Penny. This is true for our marketing plan as well. Particularly small businesses must cut off their budget for advertising campaign for the shake of their existence. 

There is no alternate of online marketing during this economic recession period. Because online marketing is cheaper than traditional offline marketing methods and not affected by economic recession. There are a lot of methods available for online marketing like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Impression, Advertising on Free Online Classifieds, Sponsor ads on online newsletters, marketing on online social media (this involves promoting your products on online forums, social networks, bookmarking sites etc), email marketing and finally SEO etc. Not all methods are suitable for every product or service. You need to test which methods will best fit for your products or services. 

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July 18, 2008

Free classifieds : future of internet marketing

Available methods of advertising on the internet:

  • Pay per click advertising like google’s AdWords
  • Buying text and Banner advertising on other sites
  • Email advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Advertising on free online classifieds
  • Sponsoring news letter
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Sponsor listing on SERP, directories, yellow pages etc.

Advertising on free online classifieds is getting popularity very rapidly. Online free classified sites are catching good numbers of visitors. So advertisers are showing more attention to advertise on free online classifieds. Since advertising on those sites are mostly free and yet giving good number of targeted traffic, there is strong competition among the advertisers to post ads on popular free online classifieds websites. is the most popular free classifieds site and pioneer in the field of free online advertising. Competition of advertising on is so high that some categories of the big cities like New York or San Francisco get thousands of ads. craigslist authority try hard and fast to reduce number of ads posted to acceptable limit. Phone verification is the latest attempt by craigslist to reduce number of postings.

The main reason free classified advertising is getting popularity is that posting ads on them are mostly free although some of those sites have featured listing option and these free classifieds produces quick and geographically targeted traffic. I guess in the future more and more advertiser will give more importance on advertising on free classifieds instead of expensive PPC advertising.

Every month, a lot of local free classifieds and specialized free classifieds are coming into scene. For example:

These sites will play vital role in the internet marketing field in the future.

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