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February 9, 2009

Free marketing tools

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Internet is now full of useful free resources. Just you need to find out the appropriate tools that meet your needs. A lot of free marketing tools are available on the net as well. I want to mention a few here which I use frequently:

  1. : the most popular free advertising location on the planet. The site is almost free except job categories of few cities and real estate by broker in new york. You can sell everything here including your old unused staff to cars, software, tickets etc.
  2. Can give you tons of free traffic. If you can reach front page of digg then most probably your webserver will crash!
  3. the most popular free article directory. A great source of traffic and relevant one-way backlink for SEO.
  4. FireFox : this completely free browser opens the door to use thousands of free useful add-ons. FireFox is much more secure and speedy than Internet Explorer.
  5. Google Analytics: know your visitors. Maximize your revenue with this free traffic analysis tool.
  6. twitter is the only popular micro-blogging platform. It’s very useful to keep people updated with your latest status.  Follow me on twitter.
  7. blog for free and get traffic and SEO benefit. WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform.
  8. Dot TK: Dot Tk gives free domain name. This is very useful for affiliate marketers to hide affiliate links.
  9. I don’t  try this due to my relatively slow connection speed. But this popular video sharing site is a great marketing tool used by million of people.
  10. Connect with millions of professionals. Ask questions, be recommended by others, get projects for free. LinkedIn is the best spam free professional network. My linkedIn profile.

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January 21, 2009

Using as a marketing tool

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I am using twitter for a while. My profile is . Feel free to follow me. I have seen a lot of articles using twitter as a marketing tool. I didn’t try seriously yet in that way. is within 400 most popular sites on the net and getting much more visitors day by day. It’s expected that twitter may be used for marketing your service or product. The import part of twitter marketing is to get targetted followers. The more followers you have the more powerful you are on twitter.

The concept of the twitter is “What are you doing?” But it has gone far away from this. People now use twitter to post some tips, asking for suggestions, sharing ideas, news and so on.

Following are some tips I have found on the net to get maximum visitors from twitter:

1. Share Some Interesting Things happening in Your Life. Post at least one twit dail. The more you twit the more followers you will get. But don’t try to send hundreds of twits daily. You may get banned.

2. Search for people your niche area and follow them. Don’t follow too many people suddenly. You may get banned for blindly following others.

3. Join Professional and Social Networking Sites Put link to your twitter page and request others to follow you.

4. Ask for help or direction to your twitter friends in an area where you need clarification – people wants to show their expertise and knowledge to others.

5. Don’t just post tweets, get involved with conversations – The more involved you are, the more friends that you will establish.

6. Follow back your followers unless he is a spammer.

7. Post some useful tips for your niche on regular basis. People who are looking for some tips or ideas for your niche will follow you.

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